Balance Your pH and Detox to Cleanse Your Body

by: Marlene Pritchard, CHHP, NBHWC, CPLC

Grow, glow, and go. These are five food groups that a person should eat every day in specific amounts to consume a healthy and nutritious diet. These groups include fruits, veggies, grains, proteins and dairy. Some teachers are now actively teaching subject matter, such as this, in elementary grade science classes, which increases the awareness of our children to the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet.

From the very start, man has been in the habit of eating different food products, as well as beverages. And without actually knowing it, some food products and drinks contain harmful chemicals. Although the body has its way of removing unwanted toxins within itself, sometimes a build-up of these dangerous chemicals or acids are inevitable. This is because of the enormous amount of chemicals or acids naturally found in the body.

The human body is made up of many different fluids. The cells inside the body are often affected by the pH level. The pH level is the measurement of acid-alkalinity in the body. Our bodies generally have a way of managing the so-called pH level. The body will try and compensate to remove these acids when they are excessively present. Lungs and kidneys are key organs that will attempt to rid your body of too much acid. However, when your system is unable to do this properly, the imbalance can affect the whole body.

If you are experiencing stress, lethargy, excess weight gain, fatigue, aches, pains, headaches, sleep issues, poor digestion including acid reflux, and other severe disorders, the pH level inside your body may be too acidic.

The three things that might contribute more to the body becoming overly acidic are ingesting acids, the creation of acids, and improper acid elimination.

Ingesting foods that are considered acidifying foods, such as dairy, processed sugar, meat, alcohol, coffee, etc., may overload the ability of your body to neutralize all the acids.

Unhealthy foods and beverages along with pathogens inside the body create acidifying toxins. If the body is too acidic, yeasts, molds, and harmful bacteria proliferate. These live organisms produce even more toxins and add to the already acidic environment.

Some acids are healthy, while some are weak. Acid build-up occurs when the body systems which eliminate the acids are not functioning correctly, and are compromised. Many systems in the body buffer acids, which include mineral reserves, breath, and fat.

Acids are considered toxins. These toxins, through detoxification, may be removed from our bodies. Sometimes you have to aid your body in the detoxification process, primarily when it is not functioning well.

If you want to obtain a well-balanced pH, you should begin by eating a proper diet with good nutrition along with drinking alkaline water rich in minerals. It is just as important to avoid acid forming foods and beverages as it is to eat and drink the proper foods and water to assist your body in reaching and maintaining your best health. It is wise to follow a detox plan, which can significantly help you with the detoxing process. A diet consisting of foods high in alkalinity, proper supplementation, and hydrating the body with mineral-rich water can quickly aid the body in the detoxing process. We recommend Sango Coral Life Mineral sachets. These hydration packets are convenient, affordable and easily accessible.

There are also alkalizing products available in stores which augment the pH balance. A well-maintained and balanced pH level will prevent acid build up in the body. If you think that you’re one the many people who have already formed an acid build-up or are very acidic, start a detox program now.

A detox program will not only help your body in the detoxing process but will also help in balancing the pH level inside the body.

Your body needs detoxification. Self-discipline and determination will help you achieve your detoxification goal. Changing certain things in your life will benefit you and your body more.

Remember, you must keep a balanced pH to enjoy your best quality of health. If you are asking yourself if you are overly acidic, please consult your doctor or wellness practitioner for proper detoxification ideas.

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