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Discover the Power of Coral

Sango Coral Life is a portable coral calcium supplement that clears tap water of residual chlorine and waste material. The calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals diffuse into the water, changing the acidic environment of the water to alkaline to enhance beauty and health.

Coral is a fabulous filter, created by nature and time. During its life cycle, coral produces oxygen and its filtering actions naturally contributes to a clean ocean. 

The coral used in our sachets are harvested from coral sands from the sea of Okinawarecognized as one of the cleanest in the world. 

Our sachets help maintain and restore health by:

Helping your individual cells with true hydration

Normal water molecules tend to cluster together.

When you add Sango Coral Life to your water, the molecules float more freely through a process called ionization. This means the water molecules are smaller than your bodily cells. The water molecules are then more easily absorbed by the cells of your body resulting in “true hydration.”

Replenishing vital minerals

Minerals have a direct impact on many aspects of your body from metabolism, balancing your sugar levels, appetite control and even adrenal and thyroid hormone functions.

By drinking your minerals you are getting the absolute best and easiest absorption that your body may have.

Ridding excess acid through alkalization

Your body develops many unhealthy conditions due to acid build up. In order to rid your body of excess acid, measures must be taken to increase your body’s pH level.

Our sachets increase the pH of bottled or tap water consistently to 10.6 or higher. By adding a sachet to your water, many health conditions can be improved and prevented.

Transform your water, transform your life

"Just wanted to share that my indigestion is GONE! After using two sachets a day in my water for approximately one week, I am happy to say I can eat my pepperoni pizza again with ZERO guilt! Thanks for this product!"
Julie M
"I didn't realize how important being hydrated was. Since using my Sango Coral Life mineral sachets, my energy level is so much better! If I skip days using this product, I feel tired and as if I need a nap, Would not go a day without it!"
Melissa T
"I had tried everything to help with the eczema on my ankles for years. I even tried prescriptions from my doctor. After I began using Sango Coral Life, I first noticed the itching disappeared. Shortly after that the rashes began to fade. I am one happy girl!"
Marilyn R
"Can you say "WEIGHT LOSS WATER?" I started losing weight right away when I began using these mineral sachets on a regular basis. My ankles no longer swell when I am riding in my car for long periods or sitting at my desk. I like to refer to this as my "MAGIC WATER!"
I have always wanted to be a water drinker because I know the importance of staying hydrated. Water always seemed to sit in my stomach and I seemed to have a "full feeling" and couldn't drink much. When I add Sango Coral Life sachets to my water, I am able to drink an entire bottle of water without feeling full! I now consistently drink four bottles of water spread out throughout the day. I feel so much more energized and this has also helped me shed some weight! Thank you Sango Coral Life for your product!"
Mary F
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