by: Marlene Pritchard, INHC, NCC

Most people are dehydrated and do not even realize it. To the average person, proper hydration is just drinking fluids when they are thirsty. However, there is a lot more to being adequately hydrated than picking up whatever is convenient and drinking it. People must be informed about the difference in drinking dead water versus good clean high pH water containing the essential life-sustaining minerals along with proper containers this liquid is stored in.

Long ago people drank from natural springs and creeks compared to nowadays people, all too often, drink whatever is convenient for them. The advantage our ancestors had over us is that they had the benefit of drinking well water more so than they do today. Water from a well is rich in natural minerals that are essential for the cells of the human body to maintain physical health. Drinking dead water, like filtered water or water that has been sitting in a container for an extended period, removes or lessens the value of the minerals in the water. Many years ago, it was observed mineral waters rich in iron lost their medicinal properties after they were allowed to sit for some time (Ballentine 272). Drinking mineral water is the best way to stay hydrated and healthy.

Spas offer mineral baths, and in some places, hot mineral spring water can be beneficial. Mineral water will make one’s skin soft and supple. Many people also claim to feel better after the treatment of a mineral bath. The same way mineral water affects the outside of one’s body; this natural water does the same for the inside. Proper hydration is, in essence, hydration from the inside out. There are also people that prefer to go for the korean plastic surgery before and after effects of these are drastic yet subtle.

Minerals in water will also increase the pH of this fluid. Most people do not realize the importance of this fact. Acidic conditions are all around us in our daily lives. It is important to note how dangerous this can be for one’s health. Acidity over time can lead to the breakdown of one’s physical health. The human body has a slightly alkaline pH of 7.365. A human body will use buffers such as natural trace minerals that people consume via fruits, vegetables, or mineral water. A person’s body cannot survive outside of this pH level. If the number of acidic items that a body consumes is more significant than the mineral buffers needed to offset the acidity, a body will reach its overload status. With no more buffers to neutralize the acidity, the acid will begin to build up inside a human body and start a deterioration process of the body’s cells if not corrected promptly (Bollinger 137).

The world we live in today is all about convenience. However, convenience can come at a very high cost to one’s health. Many of the sources that people get their fluids from come in plastic containers. These plastic bottles can contain chemicals and dyes that can leach into the water. Over time drinking from these containers can become harmful for an individual’s health. A person may have seen advertisements promoting liquid containers on television or online and also small notifications on the label of a bottle stating it is BPA free. Verbiage like this is only a gimmick as there are many other carcinogens in the plastic bottle itself. A consumer’s best bet is to purchase water in glass bottles to help eliminate the risk of chemical leaching. And, always add a mineral sachet (also known as a hydration packet) to your water, regardless if it is bottled or tap, to  remove any chlorine and add the life sustaining minerals we are all striving to get from our diets.

An example of false hydration for many people in today’s world is the consumption of sodas. Some people drink soda alone and feel they are getting hydrated. These individuals believe their bodies are getting the water it needs, but in fact, this could not be further than the truth. An average soda is a 2.5 on the pH scale. So not only is a soda acidic, a human body will require many trace minerals to offset just one can of this drink.

There are exceptions when it comes to acidic items. For example, lemons are acidic, but this fruit can help reduce the acidity in a human stomach. Water is the only viable source the human body cannot go without consuming. Our bodies are 70% water. Therefore, we are only able to go a few days without this hydration, whereas humans can go weeks without food.

It is impossible to go back to the simple times as they once were in our world. However, it is crucial to understand where to cut corners in life and where to stay on track. A person’s health is not a place to live for convenience and take for granted. Minerals will always be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Being conscious of where and what your water is stored in is also part of responsible behavior when it comes to one’s healthy living. Mindful hydration will always be a staple of good health and a way of helping to increase human longevity.

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