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Your diet is key to this process, as poor diet produces many toxic and toxins that impair the quality of your blood. Acid Alkaline Imbalance? Understand in a practical way as a destructive cycle that ultimately produces our blood poisoning occurs. Earlier we spoke of the cells, but the cells which need to feed?. However, need amino acids, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and glucose. We will pay attention to the last two, to understand this process. If you eat the right amount of glucose with food, there is a good balance between bacteria and fungi that help you get your internal processes, producing a …
The Drinking Water Research Foundation has released the results of a review paper entitled "Microbial Health Risks of Regulated Drinking Waters in the United States," according to a press release. The paper compares the risk of public drinking water and bottled water using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and presentations from a 2009 drinking water symposium at Yale University, the release reported. According to the release, the paper explores the difference in quality monitoring, regulatory standards violations, advisories and distribution system conditions for tap and bottled water. The key finding of the paper …
Contaminated Drinking Water Traces of 18 unregulated chemicals were found in drinking water from more than one-third of U.S. water utilities in a nationwide sampling, according to new, unpublished research by federal scientists. Included are 11 perfluorinated compounds, an herbicide, two solvents, caffeine, an antibacterial compound, a metal and an antidepressant, reports Environmental Health News. While studies increasingly report newly emerging contaminants in waste water, there has been little data on which ones are in drinking water. Researchers from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) analyzed single samples of untreated and treated water from 25 U.S. …
Tips for Good Winter Health It’s frigid out, and the last thing you want is a cold glass of water. But you still need to hydrate. “Sometimes people forget to hydrate in the winter because it’s cold and they don’t sweat as much or they don’t perceive that they sweat as much,” Stovall says. “But I try to stick with drinking at least 100 ounces a day.” Jenny DeMarco, a personal trainer and nutrition coach who lugs around a gallon jug of water wherever she goes, says she drinks up to two gallons of water each day and eats lots of fruits and …
pH Balance What is it? Balancing the blood’s pH becomes absolutely critical,when concerned about Blood Cancer, but first lets understand what pH Balance is all about. Acidic-Alkaline pH Balance It is very important to have a chemical balance between acid and alkaline conditions, both in the blood and in the body tissues. However, with the acidic “Modern Lifestyles” that most of us live, body tissues become too acidic very easily, and this acidic imbalance creates the ideal internal conditions for disease and especially cancer, to thrive. This acid/alkaline relationship is known as pH. pH(potential hydrogen) is a measure of the “acidity” or “alkalinity” of …
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