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Sango Coral Life is a portable coral calcium supplement that clears tap water of residual chlorine and waste materials. It diffuses minerals contained in natural corals into water to make it a refreshing, clean, safe mild alkaline water to drink. This coral when used regularly, is a popular product to enhance both beauty and health.

Sango Coral Life may be added to your drink, whether it is water for drinking straight, or may be used in tea, coffee, any other prepared drink and even mixed with alcohol.

The calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals in the coral diffuse into the water to make it smoother, because the coral calcium changes the acidic environment in the drink to alkaline. Also, because of the formation of magnesium and calcium carbonate, Okinawan coral is ionized and easily absorbed into our bodies.

Our sachets are derived from actual coral that is harvested of coral sands using gravel mining techniques that have been adapted to enable low impact harvesting underwater. The harvesting is undertaken under the regulations for handling natural resources of the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Fishery  Coordination Regulations of Okinawa Prefecture.

The coral used for Sango Coral Life comes from the sea of Okinawa, recognized as among the cleanest in the world, with no concerns regarding contamination. This product has been passed by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a food additive.

  1. Add one sachet into 1.5L of water
  2. Stir or shake and it’s ready to drink

You may now drink it or use it right away – no waiting period is required. One sachet may be used in a bottle or glass of water twice. Always remove the prior-used sachet from your container when applying a fresh sachet to your water.

It is safe for many uses including:

  • Mixing formula for babies
  • Making tea, coffee, etc
  • Taking medicine
  • Cooking (making rice, soup, etc)
  • Ice
  • Washing fruits and vegetables

Recommended usage: One sachet may be used in a bottle or glass of water twice. Always remove the prior-used sachet from your container when applying a fresh sachet to your water.

You may determine your usage of sachets by the water you drink. One may start with 2 or 3 sachets daily (4-6 bottles of water) and decrease this once you have determined your body has reached an alkaline state.

If you have questions on how to make this determination, please feel free to contact us.

1) Sango Coral Life helps your individual cells with true hydration. This is done by the molecular structure of the water molecules being reduced. Normal water molecules tend to cluster together. When you add Sango Coral Life to your water, the molecules float more freely through a process called ionization. This just means the water molecules are smaller than your bodily cells. The water molecules are then more easily absorbed by the cells of our bodies resulting in “true hydration”.

2) Minerals are vital to our health. Minerals have a direct impact on many aspects of our bodies from metabolism, balancing our sugar levels, appetite control and even adrenal and thyroid hormone functions. By drinking your minerals you are getting the absolute best and easiest absorption that your body may have.

3) Alkalization – This is one of the best health actions you can take to maintain and improve your health. Our bodies develop many unhealthy conditions due to acid building up in our bodies. In order to rid your body of excess acid, measures must be taken to help increase your body’s pH level. Sango Coral Life increases the pH of bottled or tap water consistently to 10.6 or higher. By simply adding this sachet to your water and stirring/shaking, many health conditions are improved and are prevented.

Calcium and magnesium carbonate  – 993mg

L-absorbic acid – 5mg

Silver – 2mg

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