Ever Feel Like Your Weight Loss is Being Sabotaged?

I want to share some of the reasons we all seem to have difficulty starting and then maintaining that dream weight goal of ours! I’ll bet you will find at least one “excuse” that pops into your head when it is that time of day to get started.

  1. I don’t have time…  This is a biggie! We all seem to be so busy but really what is more important than being in great shape and having energy. Exercise needs to become a priority in your life right now… Schedule it!
  2. I don’t like to exercise…  There are so many varieties of exercise out there, you are bound to find one that you will eventually like if not love! Try walking, dancing, swimming, working out to a DVD… Try listening to music as this helps the time pass quicker for me personally. I get involved in the songs and before you know it, the 30 – 45 minute workout is done!
  3. Gym memberships where I live are very expensive…  I get this… However, there are all kinds of workouts you can do at home. Invest in a good DVD if you enjoy the same routine. There are exercises listed on the internet. I have some great ones listed on my Pinterest board – Fitness Ideas if you would like to take a peek there.
  4. I’ve tried and nothing seems to be working for me… You feel like this is a goal you will never accomplish! You have changed your diet, added an exercise program and your scale just refuses to move! You feel stuck and your weight has plateaued. Great news! You should change up your routing. Change from walking to cardio, stand a little more than sitting, add some strength training… This is so doable! Make sure you avoid the fast foods and late night snacking. Try making sure your portions at mealtime are just a bit smaller.Another biggie is “Drink more water!” Flush those toxins out of your body!
  5. My family always eats out… This is a HUGE hinderance and distraction for me! What I like to do is make sure I am not hungry when we go to a restaurant. This way I can still eat with my family but am able to be more discretionary with the menu. I am able to pick out my meal with health and weight loss in mind versus what looks the most appetizing or tasty on the menu. Also, drink water before your meal, possibly while you are driving to the restaurant. This way your tummy will be full before ordering.
  6. No motivation… This can be tough but the key is to identify your WHY! Why do you want to be healthier? Why do you want to be more self-confident? Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that you would like to wear? Are you sick of trying on clothes in the dressing room at the mall and they are too tight? Do you want more energy? What about a better quality of life? Get clear on this and it will be a GREAT MOTIVATOR!  
  7. I snack at night before going to bed… This is a big problem for many. You do not have to give up snacking before bed, you just have to snack healthier. Try keeping some Greek yogurt in your fridge for times like this. You may add some berries (fresh or frozen) and maybe even some nuts (walnuts or almonds are good) for a little more substance. I also like to snack on popcorn. Popcorn has fiber which you need. I usually always have a bag of Skinny Pop in my cupboards for times like this. Microwave popcorn is definitely a no-no!
  8. I like sugar too much… This can also be a difficult one but doesn’t have to be. You do not have to go cold turkey on the sugar. Make sure you have some healthy desserts hanging around your kitchen to help you with this craving. If you must eat something with a lot of sugar, make sure you cut down on your portion size. A little change in this will go a long way over an extended period of time.
  9. Eating healthy is expensive… Yes, it can be. However, there are ways to get around this also. Eat fruit and veggies that are in season. This is the time they are the least expensive. Another option is to buy frozen produce. There are recipes on the internet that can be found to make yourself snacks that are healthy such as energy bars or kale chips. I will be posting recipes of this sort in the near future so stay tuned!

I hope you are able to identify with one or more of these reasons that could be hindering your success. Just know you are not alone! These are all common complaints by most of us! However, they are all fixable!

We have various weight loss programs on this site, which include both motivation and accountability, that are available. Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Until next time,


Marlene                                                                               logohorizontalpink