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                                                          Just How important is the Alkaline Lifestyle?                                                          Imagine living in a world where everyone is healthy. The average lifespan is almost 100 years. Are you able to comprehend what this would be like? Probably not unless you are familiar with the concept of alkalinity and how an alkaline lifestyle …
A simplified explanation on how pH works in the body, is to compare it to a swimming pool. Our bodily fluids are like the water in a swimming pool, and when our bodily fluids become acidic it creates an environment that is ideal for bacteria, virus, and fungus to grow. When this happens in a swimming pool we see the water begin to turn green with all types of living things growing in this low pH water. Our bodily fluids react the same way when it is acidic, or registers a low pH, by creating an ideal environment for the growth …
The NPD Group has taken First lady Michelle Obama’s campaign encouraging kids to drink more water in a new, opportunistic direction. NPD is advocating that bottled water companies step up their efforts to sell bottled water to kids. There are so many things wrong with the bottled water industry (sly marketing ploys,oceans of PET’ around the world, etc…) So, I was not surprised to read about the newest marketing tactic being considered by big bottled water: The targeting of kids. According tocspnet.com, the NPD Group, a retail consulting and data firm, has taken First lady Michelle Obama’s campaign encouraging kids to drink more water in a new, opportunistic direction. Darren Seifer, NPD …
Many communities around the world have been successful in removing fluoride from their water supply, but that’s not the only concern. Although fluoride is still a controversial topic within the mainstream, the other chemicals found in drinking water are not. - See more at: http://www.theorganicprepper.ca/18-unregulated-chemicals-found-in-drinking-water-across-the-united-states-01052014#sthash.f2m35NlL.dpuf What might be the most disturbing discovery  are the perfluorinated chemicals that were found, PFOS and PFOA. These chemicals have been detected in the blood of nearly all people in the United States. They are widely used in many industrial processes, and are responsible for numerous health ailments like high cholesterol, colitis, thyroid disease, cancer, and …
Your diet is key to this process, as poor diet produces many toxic and toxins that impair the quality of your blood. Acid Alkaline Imbalance? Understand in a practical way as a destructive cycle that ultimately produces our blood poisoning occurs. Earlier we spoke of the cells, but the cells which need to feed?. However, need amino acids, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and glucose. We will pay attention to the last two, to understand this process. If you eat the right amount of glucose with food, there is a good balance between bacteria and fungi that help you get your internal processes, producing a …
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