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As a Cyber Monday special, we have a fantastic opportunity for you to stock up on your Sango Coral Life mineral sachets! From now until Monday evening @ midnight PST, we will be shipping, along with any 120 pack order, an extra 30 sachets! This means you will receive 150 sachets for the price of 120! This is a $34.95 value free. No code is needed - all shipments will contain the extra 30 mineral sachet package as our way of saying "Thank you for your loyalty throughout the year and hope your holidays are grand!" It is recommended you use 2 …
It's mid October and this means the weather should be cooling off for most of our nation. Many people wonder if they should be drinking as much water in the cooler weather as in our warm and hot summers. The danger of dehydration is year round. Our bodies need water continuously. People can easily become dehydrated if they are drinking less than six eight-ounce glasses of water per day. A great way to help get this much water into your diet is to drink it with your meals. Our bodies are 70% water every day of the year, regardless of the seasons. …
With the record highs we are experiencing all over this country, the importance of staying hydrated has never been more important! Most people are dehydrated and do not even realize it! This can be extremely dangerous! Signs of dehydration may include but are not limited to: Increased thirst Dry mouth and/or eyes Decrease urine output Decreased energy levels, lethargy Dizziness Headache Dry Skin Difficulty concentrating or confusion Tips to stay hydrated would include: Limit the time you are in the sun during the hottest part of the day, When you must be outside, stay in the shade as much as possible and …
Does it ever seem like you just run out of will power when you are trying to get into those skinny jeans? Or trying to shed those last 10 pounds? What about just getting started? Does there always seem to be something that is sabotaging your efforts!  I know… I have been there! And, I still struggle with this mental dilemma at times! I want to share some of the reasons we all seem to have difficulty starting and then maintaining that dream weight goal of ours! I’ll bet you will find at least one “excuse” that pops into your head …
10 Good Reasons We All Need to Drink Water We all hear “Drink more water!” If you were lucky, your mother taught you the importance of this early in life. If not, well, it’s never too late to get on your water kick! It really is that important! Below you will find 10 great reasons to incorporate this liquid into your body on a daily basis. Establish times to get a fresh glass of H2O throughout the day. Exchange that soda break for a bottle of water break. Drink water before and/or with your meals. These are all easy …
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