Why Sango Coral Life Water?

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The Power of Coral

The Power of Coral


The Power of Coral :  Achieving Natural Mineral Balance and Health

The life-enhancing properties of coral include –

A natural abundance of minerals – Coral harvested from coral sands under the sea contain calcium and magnesium, together with other trace elements including potassium and zinc. in a natural balance. We call it coral calcium because calcium is the highest concentration of mineral that is present. For good health, our bodies depend  on minerals to be present in a specific, natural balance.

A superb natural filter – Coral is a fabulous filter, created by nature and time. When water is filtered through coral, it becomes clear, fresh and delicious. A 1-micron (1/1000 millimeter) view of coral under an electron microscope highlights how its porous nature gives it a large surface area, a feature which cannot be reproduced artificially.

coral magnified pic

During its lifecycle, coral produces oxygen  and its filtering action naturally contributes to a clean ocean, which is why the water in coral reefs is often so clear. Coral may provide many of these same filtering benefits to water we drink.

Coral is a true natural mineral supplement. The collecting of this coral uses gravel mining techniques that have been adapted to ensure the safety of the coral beds. The harvesting and processing of Sango Coral Life is performed under the strict guidelines of the Japan Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Fishery Coordination of Okinawa Prefecture.

The coral used for Sango Coral Life sachets comes from the sea of Okinawa. This sea is recognized as one of the cleanest in the world, with no concerns regarding contamination.

Five times as many Okinawans live to be 100 compared to the rest of Japan. The Japanese are the longest lived nationality in the world. The Okinawans not only have the longest life expectancy but also the greatest health expectancy. Their secret behind their longevity and the low incidence of chronic disease is thought to be a blend of lifestyle, genetics and lifestyle which includes the use of this coral.


Sango Coral Life is a small sachet or teabag that is dropped into your drinking water. It is then stirred or shaken, depending on your container. Your pH of your water is immediately increased along with 70 + trace minerals ready for your intake.

Just a few of the advantages to these coral calcium sachets are listed below:

1) portability

2) heat resistant – you may even boil these or use these to cook rice

3) great for washing fruits and vegetables

4) great way to give your pets minerals – just drop the sachet into your pet’s water bowl

5)Reuse the sachets for a mineral bath or to add minerals to the soil in your garden or plants.




A 90-Day Evaluation – Write down everything you can think of for your current state of health. Blood pressure, body weight, indigestion, pain, amount of sleep, energy levels, etc.  Rate on a scale  1 – 10.  Then, we will have you go back re-evaluate those same categories just 90 days later.

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