Hydrate – Alkalize – Mineralize

As we advance into our new health care system that is being introduced to our country, it is extremely important to recognize we are entering in to the “Preventative Healthcare” stage. We are being forced to examine all avenues of keeping and maintaining our health. If we have health issues currently, we must read and educate ourselves on ways to prevent further disease or sickness from attacking our bodies.

An important factor that is often overlooked in most humans is very simple. It is true hydration. Our bodies are  composed of 70% water. It only makes sense that we should be drinking water daily. There are many ways of forming this behavior within ourselves. First and foremost, if we could get ourselves into the habit of drinking a glass or bottle of water before our coffee every morning, this will help jump start our metabolism for the day. This will also aid in digestion. Adding a glass of water to our meals when we eat is also another way of introducing additional hydration to our bodies. Depending on your daily exercise routines, add the appropriate amount of water for your body weight and activity. Ideally, you should be drinking one half your body weight in ounces of water per day.

The concept of alkalinity is beginning to make its way into the United States. The thought process for alkaline bodies is HUGE! Everyone’s blood pH is designed to be 7.365. A very simple way of helping to maintain this pH level in your blood is by drinking mineral rich alkaline water. If you do not have a machine at your home that transforms your water into this “healthy” drink, there are other ways to insure you are able to provide your body with this mineral rich water. There is a small portable sachet (similar to a tiny tea bag) that is available to enrich your water instantly. This sachet will do three important things that our bodies need:

1) Hydrates at the cellular level – this is done by the molecular structure being broken up. In other words, normal water molecules will cluster together. When you drop this mineral rich sachet into your bottle of water, the water molecules will actually have a tendency to “not cluster” together therefore making them smaller. When they enter your body via your mouth, you are able to get immediate absorption in your body’s cells – beginning in your mouth and moving down your digestive tract as you swallow your newly transformed water.

2) There are 70 trace minerals that are instantly in your water to help mineralize your body as you drink this water. We are lacking minerals in our soils as they have been depleted as the years have passed. Minerals rich in calcium, magnesium, L-ascorbic acid, and many, many more – Minerals that are necessary for good health and longevity. This sachet comes from Okinawa, Japan which is key! The Okinawan people are the longest living people in the world. They also enjoy good health with their extended lives. The Okinawans will happily tell you they have used this product for hundreds of years and they attribute their longevity and good health to this product and their lifestyle.

3) The third important factor that this product will do for you is raise the alkalinity of your drinking water. The alkalinity of your water should be expected to measure 10 or greater when you add this sachet to your drinking water. The alkaline water is vital to good health as it is believed that disease may not live in an alkaline body. We are all acidic by nature due to our lifestyles here in the United States. We are in a hurried state almost everyday and are eating fast food and missing out on important nutrients and the key minerals that we need to look and feel our best every day!

This sachet has simplified this problem. It is portable and packaged so it may be carried in your purse, wallet, glove box, gym bag, etc. It is virtually tasteless and odorless. Sango Coral Life also offers a money back guarantee on this product if you are not satisfied after using the product as directed. You have nothing to lose and better health to gain!… You may order this product at www.SangoCoralLife.com using PayPal or a major credit card. There is currently a special on the shipping – no charge… Orders will ship with 24 hours of placing your order.

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