Health Benefits of Alkaline pH Water

Benefits of waterA simplified explanation on how pH works in the body, is to compare it to a swimming pool. Our bodily fluids are like the water in a swimming pool, and when our bodily fluids become acidic it creates an environment that is ideal for bacteria, virus, and fungus to grow. When this happens in a swimming pool we see the water begin to turn green with all types of living things growing in this low pH water.

Our bodily fluids react the same way when it is acidic, or registers a low pH, by creating an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, virus, and fungus. To fix this situation in a swimming pool that has this low pH we shock it, or add a very high pH chemical to restore the alkaline pH levels. We do not remove this organic growth from the swimming pool, the high pH of the shock that we added to the water causes these things that are growing in the water to die. Then the pool filter catches the dead debris, and the pool water becomes clear again.

When we add high pH alkaline substances to our body, like ionized alkaline water, the pH of our bodily fluids raise.  When our bodily fluids are restored to an alkaline pH level like in the swimming pool the bacteria, virus, or fungus begins to die, because it cannot live in this high pH alkaline environment.

Raising the pH of the body is one of the main uses of ionized water that has been raised to an alkaline pH.  When water is ionized other properties of the water are also changed, not just the pH levels.  The water molecules are actually split and become smaller making it easier for the body to absorb ionized water, so there are many other benefits you can gain from using a home water ionizer.

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