Chemicals Found in Drinking Water

chemicals in water

Many communities around the world have been successful in removing fluoride from their water supply, but that’s not the only concern. Although fluoride is still a controversial topic within the mainstream, the other chemicals found in drinking water are not. – See more at:

What might be the most disturbing discovery  are the perfluorinated chemicals that were found, PFOS and PFOA. These chemicals have been detected in the blood of nearly all people in the United States. They are widely used in many industrial processes, and are responsible for numerous health ailments like high cholesterol, colitis, thyroid disease, cancer, and more.(2)(4)(5)(6)(8) This information is not hard to find, apart from the information sourced in this article, a quick google search of “perfluorinated chemicals and human health” bring up a number of scholarly articles, and published peer reviewed scientific studies that prove it. – See more at:

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