Body pH and Your Blood

Your diet is key to this process, as poor diet produces many toxic and toxins that impair the quality of your blood.

Acid Alkaline Imbalance?
Understand in a practical way as a destructive cycle that ultimately produces our blood poisoning occurs.

Earlier we spoke of the cells, but the cells which need to feed?. However, need amino acids, vitamins, minerals, oxygen and glucose. We will pay attention to the last two, to understand this process.

If you eat the right amount of glucose with food, there is a good balance between bacteria and fungi that help you get your internal processes, producing a correct communication between neurons in your brain.

Because eating habits that we have today, an extra amount of glucose that your body needs to produce your vital energy is consumed. This excess glucose, leads to a decrease in blood oxygen increase of pathogenic bacteria therein.

These organisms expel the bloodstream many toxins and toxic, causing poisoning your blood. The liver must process the alcohol produced by these bacteria, consuming glucose, leading to the creation of an acidic environment.
pH levels

In this acidic environment are much easier to live pathogens and proliferate in more quantity. There begins the importance of feeding a tendency to have an alkaline, alkalizing diet to control this acidification and this increase of toxins. Need your internal flora is beneficial to your health and not the opposite.

This poisoning effect
Some of the negative effects that occur when your blood is too acidic.

  • Mental confusion.
  • Reduction of energy.
  • Fatigue (lactic acid).

 To eliminate this poisoning, it is advisable for a certain time, at least about three to four weeks to do a cleansing and detox diet.

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